Online marketplace for Oil & Gas water supply

Online marketplace for Oil & Gas water supply. Connecting water supply, transfer, treatment, and disposal with energy producers in a way that improves the efficiency of the water supply chain while reducing environmental impact.

the challenge

If you are a producer of shale oil or gas, you will use water to fracture the shale rock to extract it. It’s called hydraulic fracking. So, your main challenge, other than discovering a suitable oil basin, is water. Where do you source it? How do you get it to the site? How do you dispose of it? And how much should it all cost? It used to be all about phone calls, and a lot of haggling. Until we’ve teamed up with a startup that set out to change all that. 

in solution

By creating an online marketplace we have helped to bring efficiency to the water supply chain all stakeholders can benefit from. Oil producers can optimize their costs by easily identifying the most economical solution, while owners of water and service providers can charge rates determined by the market and maximize their revenue. 

Strategy - stratégia




Solutions - riešenia


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