Ability can be learned, but attitude is what we look for!

Our studio culture

What it is like, to work with us

  • work on projects you can be proud of
  • take challenges
  • see and show results of your work
  • implement your ideas
  • experiment with emerging technologies (robotics, voice-control…)
  • enjoy free beverage and snacks
  • join us for weekly team breakfast
  • travel to see clients
  • work from home
  • enjoy friendly team and team events (paintball, bowling…)
  • have time to fully enjoy your personal life

Independently on your experience we highly appreciate

  • willingnes to learn
  • problem solving and creative approach
  • don’t being affraid to share your ideas
  • doing best you can
  • continuous improvement


For our single-page web applications interfaces or react-native native apps we seek JavaScript developer, willing to master React.js in all of it’s forms.

For backend of our applications and/or embeded HW prorotypes we seek for JavaScript developer experienced in NodeJS or Python. Welcomed experience with OpenCV, sockets and experimental approach.

For backend, server-side parts and APIs we’d like to welcome new PHP developer in our studio. 

We expect experiences with relational or non-relational databases, MVC architecture and most important willingness to learn, creativity and coming up with new ideas.

Do you like meeting clients?
Are you responsible enough to keep promises or comunicate issues?
Can you motivate team and bring results?
Do you identify when it’s not going the right way and act accordingly?

If so, our team and clients will love you!

Technology background would help to understand what’s going on. We are looking only for friendly leader, not manager.

Da Vinci said “simplicity is ultimate sophistication”.

We create sophisticated systems, but simple to use. Help us find the way to comunicate our experiences in complex technology implementations to the world.

Present our unique products and solutions to people who are fighting with technology and need our help.

Be human, creative and friendly! Clients highly appreciate our work and like working with us long-term. So, we don’t need to push. Just show our experience and value we can bring to the right ones.

Sounds good?

Contact us and start working
on projects you can be proud of.