Automated restaurant with a model train food delivery

Automated restaurant. Design and development of an end to end system to facilitate a unique dining experience where meals are ordered via an app and delivered to the table using a sophisticated model train delivery system.

the challenge

The owners had a clear idea. An automated fun dining experience where customers are served by model trains. The reality, however, was rather different. Having your drinks delivered to the table by a model train was fun if you were lucky enough to get the right order, but beyond the drinks delivery, there wasn’t much automation at all. Until we got on board. 

in solution

We were tasked with taking the automation a step further. For starters, we developed an app for placing orders. Then a queuing system in the kitchen which meant your order would never get lost. Our software then made sure the order, both food, and drinks were delivered to the correct table. Truly automated and thoroughly enjoyable experience. 

Strategy - stratégia




Solutions - riešenia


system integration