End-to-end automation of personalized puzzle production

End-to-end automation of this personalized puzzle business. From online design and order placement tool, to fully automated manufacturing and worldwide shipping.

the challenge

When we first started working together, the main pain point was a lengthy and rather cumbersome process of taking an order. It required a lot of time and effort on both sides and several rounds of emails until a request was specified, a suitable photo provided and the production could commence.  A process that was neither efficient nor scalable. So the first task was to enable customers to create their desired design and place the order online. 

in solution

We didn’t stop there. In the 7 years that followed, we helped to completely transform the business. Not only is the order received ready for production, it is also automatically manufactured, packed and booked in for delivery for customers around the world. The result? A multiple fold increase in revenue with the same amount of staff. 

Strategy - stratégia




Solutions - riešenia


system integration