“Uber” for private jets and helicopters

An Uber-like app for private jets and helicopters. A single-seat flight booking & dispatch management platform for small and medium aircraft operators.

the challenge

We were part of this startup right from the beginning so there wasn’t really a problem to solve as such. In the beginning, it was just an idea to take a traditional service industry, digitalize it, and drag it to the age of the sharing economy. What if we could do to private jets and helicopters what uber did to taxis? Could that be a game-changer?

in solution

What we’ve developed is a complete, turnkey solution for small and medium aircraft and tour operators. A fully customisable platform that allows them to easily and efficiently manage single-seat bookings and flight schedules. That it only took us 4 months to launch the prototype and attract the first paying customer and attract customers from all over the world within just 6 months proves that we truly found a niche that was ripe for disruption.

Strategy - stratégia




Solutions - riešenia


system integration