Email marketing made simple

A bespoke platform that helps this full-service marketing agency manage email campaigns for its customers. From booking campaigns with relevant 3rd party publishers (email list owners) to one-click execution and real-time engagement feedback.

the challenge

For JS CS, up until recently, running email campaigns for their clients was a throwback to the analog era. Since these campaigns were sub-contracted to 3rd party publishers whose mailing lists the messages were sen to, the execution used to be a rather timeconsuming and error-prone process. From placing an email order with the publisher and combing through spreadsheets with email addresses, to having to wait, sometimes for several days, for the results before reporting back to the client. 

in solution

We have developed a bespoke online platform that allows them to manage the campaigns with just a few clicks. Select a publisher, filter the audience you want to send the message to, press the send button and see real-time results. What used to take days can now be done in a matter of minutes. 

Strategy - stratégia




Solutions - riešenia


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