JS Creative Services


Email marketing made simple

A bespoke platform that helps this full-service marketing agency manage email campaigns for its customers. From booking campaigns with relevant 3rd party publishers (email list owners) to one-click execution and real-time engagement feedback.

the challenge

For JS CS, up until recently, running email campaigns for their clients was a throwback to the analog era. Since these campaigns were sub-contracted to 3rd party publishers whose mailing lists the messages were sen to, the execution used to be a rather timeconsuming and error-prone process. From placing an email order with the publisher and combing through spreadsheets with email addresses, to having to wait, sometimes for several days, for the results before reporting back to the client. 

in solution

We have developed a bespoke online platform that allows them to manage the campaigns with just a few clicks. Select a publisher, filter the audience you want to send the message to, press the send button and see real-time results. What used to take days can now be done in a matter of minutes. 

Výtopna – automated restaurant


Automated restaurant with a model train food delivery

Automated restaurant. Design and development of an end to end system to facilitate a unique dining experience where meals are ordered via an app and delivered to the table using a sophisticated model train delivery system.

the challenge

The owners had a clear idea. An automated fun dining experience where customers are served by model trains. The reality, however, was rather different. Having your drinks delivered to the table by a model train was fun if you were lucky enough to get the right order, but beyond the drinks delivery, there wasn’t much automation at all. Until we got on board. 

in solution

We were tasked with taking the automation a step further. For starters, we developed an app for placing orders. Then a queuing system in the kitchen which meant your order would never get lost. Our software then made sure the order, both food, and drinks were delivered to the correct table. Truly automated and thoroughly enjoyable experience. 



Online marketplace for Oil & Gas water supply

Online marketplace for Oil & Gas water supply. Connecting water supply, transfer, treatment, and disposal with energy producers in a way that improves the efficiency of the water supply chain while reducing environmental impact.

the challenge

If you are a producer of shale oil or gas, you will use water to fracture the shale rock to extract it. It’s called hydraulic fracking. So, your main challenge, other than discovering a suitable oil basin, is water. Where do you source it? How do you get it to the site? How do you dispose of it? And how much should it all cost? It used to be all about phone calls, and a lot of haggling. Until we’ve teamed up with a startup that set out to change all that. 

in solution

By creating an online marketplace we have helped to bring efficiency to the water supply chain all stakeholders can benefit from. Oil producers can optimize their costs by easily identifying the most economical solution, while owners of water and service providers can charge rates determined by the market and maximize their revenue. 

Venus puzzle


End-to-end automation of personalized puzzle production

End-to-end automation of this personalized puzzle business. From online design and order placement tool, to fully automated manufacturing and worldwide shipping.

the challenge

When we first started working together, the main pain point was a lengthy and rather cumbersome process of taking an order. It required a lot of time and effort on both sides and several rounds of emails until a request was specified, a suitable photo provided and the production could commence.  A process that was neither efficient nor scalable. So the first task was to enable customers to create their desired design and place the order online. 

in solution

We didn’t stop there. In the 7 years that followed, we helped to completely transform the business. Not only is the order received ready for production, it is also automatically manufactured, packed and booked in for delivery for customers around the world. The result? A multiple fold increase in revenue with the same amount of staff. 

My Air Seat


“Uber” for private jets and helicopters

An Uber-like app for private jets and helicopters. A single-seat flight booking & dispatch management platform for small and medium aircraft operators.

the challenge

We were part of this startup right from the beginning so there wasn’t really a problem to solve as such. In the beginning, it was just an idea to take a traditional service industry, digitalize it, and drag it to the age of the sharing economy. What if we could do to private jets and helicopters what uber did to taxis? Could that be a game-changer?

in solution

What we’ve developed is a complete, turnkey solution for small and medium aircraft and tour operators. A fully customisable platform that allows them to easily and efficiently manage single-seat bookings and flight schedules. That it only took us 4 months to launch the prototype and attract the first paying customer and attract customers from all over the world within just 6 months proves that we truly found a niche that was ripe for disruption.